Saturday, May 17, 2014

Operation American Spring couldn't get its fat ass out of the easy chair this time 'round, it seems.

...from the website of the Washington DC Tea Party, a cluttered, aliasing, overblown pixel-parade Tea Party is the "Conscience of America"  
[sic - quotation marks not mine]

Since I'm only a few cities away, it is tempting to counter demonstrate - with the most effective message being agitational dissembling.

Yet again, the usual irony in this exhausted false dichotomy is that the Tea Party are practitioners of an atavistic form of American Liberalism that excuses classist exploitation (formerly slavery) and eschews atheism. Ayn Rand (an atheist, pro-abortionist ultra-humanist) would be ashamed of the irrational Christianity of her selfish little epigones and their megalomaniacal overestimation of their own originality and innovative potential. If you want to simplistically enclose a supposed polar opposite within a false dichotomy, espousing that any perceived manner of bohemian intransigence is a consequence - a fallacious slippery slope - deserving bandwagon defamation with homo-commie-druggie-hippie-minorities (who should get the fuck back to work instead of having the audacity to request civil liberties without possessing the means to purchase them), one should address this putatively intrinsic link between party membership and mass murder by asking, disinterestedly and objectively, how many actual innovations of the first order and in scientific understanding of our world and beyond can be attributed to non-reflexive, circularly-reasoning Conservatives, desiring to cash in on ideology and investment, on dividends and other forms of hard-earned parasitism? Systemically-sanctioned deference to duplicitous economic fraud whenever possible, (manipulated profit-accumulation) enforced by an army, is political legitimacy, as income tends to determine partisanship (except where obesity and arsenals increase inversely to the number of teeth and genomic diversity). Obama's cronies are just as guilty, but even if certain mass murders have been committed by registered democrats, remember that the majority of zealous registered voters tend to be left-leaning [only 20% of republicans are under the age of 38], with only 6% under the age of 28.

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